Distillery Energy Solution

distillery energy solution


The company has the wish to measure the energy consumption of the facility and to save the measured values on a computer


Installing Energy Analyzers that can communicate with a PC at the facility, monitoring the energy consumption of the production machines and saving the monitored values.

Total system at the distillery:

66 pcs Energy Analyzer


1 pc Signal Amplifier

Monitoring Software.


The newly installed analyzers were connected to the 4 transformer stations and measured the energy consumption at the main line. After this the company could double-check the energy consumption by comparing the separate energy meter values with the total energy meters value.

Further measurements with the ENTES system:

Energy consumption values of the main busbars

Energy consumption values of he machine busbars at distribution

Harmonic values at the main sections of the facility

Generator performance and energy produced by the generators


As a result of monitoring the energy values, consumption amounts could be calculated clearly and the lost energy was calculated and the company was able to save energy.

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