ENTES R&D team, which designs high-tech devices at international standards with a staff of approximately 50 people, also develops softwares that are compatible with these devices and offers solutions in line with customer needs.  All these products go through the stages of functionality testing and standard compliance testing.

ENTES, in its journey of quality started with ISO 9000; It has continued to progress by incorporating many international certificates such as ISO 9001-2015, CE, TSE, KEMA CB, KEMA-KEUR, UL, MID B + D, GOST-R. The materials used in production are meticulously controlled in accordance with the requirements stipulated by the TS 2859-1 standard and ENTES quality standards AQL (Acceptable Quality Level).

In the production stage, along with process controls, the products are checked for compliance with international standards and product life tests are carried out.

Quality Policy

As Entes Elektronik Cihazlar İmalat ve Ticaret A.Ş., we develop advanced technology industrial electronic design, production and services in line with the expectations of our domestic and international customers with our experience of more than 40 years. We are committed to continuously improve and increase our quality in a balanced way in line with Total Quality Management principles.

Our Mission

ENTES is a technology brand, developing solutions wherever the energy is.

Our Vision

Become an international brand at manageable energy.

Current Transformers TSE Certificate Current Transformers TSE Certificate View
Safe Production Certificate Safe Production Certificate View
Certificate of Compliance E470375-D1001-1/A0/C1-UL Certificate of Compliance E470375-D1001-1/A0/C1-UL View
CB TEST Certificate 2186599.50A CB TEST Certificate 2186599.50A View
CB Test Certificate NL-41227 CB Test Certificate NL-41227 View
Quality Management System Certificate KY-502-03/KG-97 Quality Management System Certificate KY-502-03/KG-97 View
CB Test Certificate NL-13603 CB Test Certificate NL-13603 View
CB Test Certificate NL-29924 CB Test Certificate NL-29924 View
CB TEST Certificate 2081831.01 CB TEST Certificate 2081831.01 View
Quality Certificate Quality Certificate View
MID B Module Certificate MID B Module Certificate View
MID D Module Certificate MID D Module Certificate View
Gost-R Certificate Gost-R Certificate View
TCS Certificate OHSAS 18001:2007 TCS Certificate OHSAS 18001:2007 View
TCS Certificate ISO 14001:2015 TCS Certificate ISO 14001:2015 View
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