The main product groups and product families within the wide product range of ENTES, which enables the use of energy more efficiently and quality, are as follows;

Power Quality and Energy Efficiency Group; Network Analyzers, Power & Energy Meters

Measurement Product Group; Ammeters, Voltmeters, Cosmeters, Frequencymeters and Current and Voltage Transducers

Power Factor Correction Product Group; Power Factor Controllers, SVC Solution Products for PFC, Inductive Load Drivers, Low Voltage Power Capacitors, Shunt Reactors, Detuned Filter Reactors, Capacitor Duty Contactors and Current Transformers

Energy Management Solutions Group; Energy Monitoring Software, where the measured parameters can be analyzed and reported, and Gateways that enable sending parameters to these software

Protection & Control Product Group; Phase Failure Relays, Phase Sequence / Thermistor Relays, Current Monitoring Relays, Voltage Monitoring Relays, Multifunctional Time Relays, Time Relays, Astronomic Time Relays, Liquid Level Controllers, Overcurrent Monitoring Relays, Daylight Switches, Power Supplies and Control & Isolating Transformers


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