heal your facility with enermedic!

Heal your facility with Enermedic!

11 December, 10:12

Enermedic helps you to diagnose energy issues within your facilities. We monitor a wide range of parameters with superior ENTES hardware and provide solution recipes like a doctor. Furthermore Enermedic will check your Power Factor so that you can save money as it reaches 1.000!

Enermedic, the healthiest way to manage your energy!

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Freemium ENTES Hardware Bundles

You can immediately start live monitoring and remotely configuring your ENTES hardware as if you were near it without any extra fees! You just need to connect them to ENTES.NET cloud and register to Enermedic for free.

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Build Your Facility For Ultimate Monitoring

Enermedic will let you build your facility load by load for detailed monitoring. After visualizing your facility, you can save money by better energy planning and load monitoring.

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Check Out Youtube For More

We offer many videos for further details on ENTES Youtube channel. Please enjoy our selection of recipes offered by your Enermedic.

Check out why harmonics are dangerous for your system

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