Home Appliance Production Factory Energy Solution - 2

home appliance production factory energy solution - 2


The company was not able to calculate the cost per produced unit. This calculation is very important to come to the company's break-even-point.


The factory needs to monitor the energy consumption of the production lines and save the monitored values. A system with remote monitoring would be a good solution.


Installing Energy Analyzers at the factory that can be monitored and analyzed on a computer. In this factory 47 pcs Energy Analyzer and Monitoring Software were installed.


Measured values from the 47 devices were saved to one central terminal and monitored there. The power/time graphs of the monitoring software showed that the PU casting machines – these machines consume high energy because of heating coils - were turned on 2-3 hours before it was supposed to be prepared (heated) for production. The responsible workers have been warned about this issue.

Furthermore, the energy management system showed, that there was energy consumption of 660kWh on Sunday, when no production was done. The responsible workers were warned about this issue.


An Energy Management System is a good tool to detect unnecessary energy consumption. Such knowledge can be used for substantial energy savings and for efficient use of energy.

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