Home Appliance Production Factory Energy Solution

home appliance production factory energy solution


The company was not able to calculate the cost per produced unit. This calculation is very important to find out the company's break-even-point!


The factory produces home appliances like ovens air conditioners and dishwashers. The factory needs to monitor the energy consumption of the production lines; measure the energy cost per machine.


Installing Energy Analyzers at the factory that can be monitored and analyzed on a computer. In the factory 50 Energy Analyzer and Monitoring Software was installed.


Measured values from the 50 devices were saved to one central terminal and monitored there. The energy consumption of the production lines was measured and the values were converted to the total production quantity. The selling prices of the products were adjusted after calculating the unit energy cost per product.


The unit energy cost per product was calculated by monitoring the energy consumption of the production lines from one central terminal. This allowed the management to revise the selling prices, determine the break-even-point and improve the turnover and profit.

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