Hospital Energy Solution - 2

hospital energy solution - 2


After renovating the operating room the hospital wants to increase the transformer power and wants to monitor the main transformer centre and reactive power control system


Installing Energy Analyzers at the operating room distribution panel and at the 1200 kVA transformer output (the supply of the entire hospital) Total system for the hospital: 2 pcs Energy Analyzer, 1 pc Power Factor Controller and Monitoring Software


All electrical parameters at the 1200 kVA transformer output were monitored. The reactive power control system and reactive ratios started being monitored and saved on one central computer. By using an ENTES Energy Analyzer that is installed at the operating room distribution panel, the electrical parameters could be monitored and saved with the Monitoring Software.


The energy consumption is now calculated precisely through remote monitoring of the devices and the hospital started to utilize the available energy more efficiently. After reviewing the monitored reactive ratios, it was determined that the hospital was registered to an incompatible reactive energy tariff and was paying unnecessary penalty fines. Necessary adjustments were made

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