Hospital Energy Solution

hospital energy solution


  • When the ultrasound imaging device was turned on and the display showed a color output, the device kept shutting down. The arriving authorized tech support stated that this shut down was caused because of the sudden voltage rises and demanded a service fee every time that they arrived for that shut down.


  • Installing an Energy Analyzer at the main distribution line of the hospital and monitoring the energy values periodically.


  • 1 Energy Analyzer, Gateways and Monitoring Software were used. The voltage was measured in 5 minute intervals for 1 week by using the Energy Analyzer. The measured values were saved to the internal memory of the Energy Analyzer. The report that is containing the measured values was presented as an Excel report to the hospital management and to the company that sold the ultrasound imaging device. This report clearly showed that there wasn't a sudden voltage rise as the seller claimed. The seller acknowledged that there is a problem with the imaging device. The electronics card of the ultrasonic imaging device was replaced with a new one and the problem disappeared.


  • The electronics card which costs €685 was replaced free of charge. The purchase of new regulators that the regulator firm advised to be bought was avoided, thereby saving their cost of €1.120. The amount of cancelled appointments of patients that are caused by the breakdown of the ultrasound imaging device was decreased to zero. With the project cost at €1.000 the payback period was less than a month.

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