innovative design and functionality are combined in ps-1202 power supply

Innovative Design and Functionality are Combined in PS-1202 Power Supply

21 May, 11:05

PS-1202 power supply, differentiates with 24 VDC “Adjustable” voltage output, 5A current output and Auto-Reset function additional to “Slim” type new design.

“Slim” Design

Thanks to slim design, completely new designed PS-1202 needs minimum place in panels.

Wide Supply Voltage Range

PS-1202 power supply can operate in 85-265 VAC and 110-350 VDC supply voltage range.

Adjustable DC Voltage Output

Thanks to adjustable DC output voltage, PS-1202 allows operation in the desired voltage range in different applications.

Auto-Reset Function

Thanks to Auto-Reset feature, PS-1202 cuts the voltage output to protecting the system in unexpected situations as overloading, over temperatures, short circuit of output.

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