Medium Voltage compatible current transformers work together with power factor controllers which obtain current information from medium voltage. Thanks to the improved isolation level, current measurement on MV-level is performed by installing on XLPE cable on the primary side of the medium voltage power transformer.

Where can I use?

Businesses and facilities whose electricity meter is located at the entrance of MV power transformer.

Max. Cable Diameter (mm)
Primary Current (A)
Nominal Power (VA)
Class 0,5
Class 0,5s
Pcs / Box
ENT.A65-OG 30/1 65 30 1
ENT.A65-OG 40/1 65 40 1,5
ENT.A65-OG 50/1 65 50 2,5
ENT.A65-OG 100/5 65 100 5
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