Medium Voltage compatible current transformers work together with power factor controllers which obtain current information from medium voltage. Thanks to the improved isolation level, current measurement on MV-level is performed by installing on XLPE cable on the primary side of the medium voltage power transformer.

Where can I use?

Businesses and facilities whose electricity meter is located at the entrance of MV power transformer.

Product Code
Max. Cable Diameter (mm)
Primary Current (A)
Nominal Power (VA)
Class 0,5
Class 0,5s
Pcs / Box
ENT.A65-OG 30/1 65 30 1
ENT.A65-OG 40/1 65 40 1,5
ENT.A65-OG 50/1 65 50 2,5
ENT.A65-OG 100/5 65 100 5
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