Motor Block Cast Factory Energy Solution

motor block cast factory energy solution


The management would like to measure the energy cost of the casting ladles in the factory


Installing Energy Analyzers in the factory communicate with a PC at the factory, monitoring the energy consumption of the production machines and saving the monitored values. In this factory 127 pcs Energy Analyzer and Monitoring Software were installed.


Measured values from the 127 devices were saved to one central terminal and monitored there. The installed analysers made it possible to double-check the energy consumption at the transformer output. The Energy Analyzers measured the performance of the machine lines.

The devices measured also the time and energy needed to melt the metal core at the 56 casting ladles. This information was saved and used to make the energy cost calculations. Based on the above, the melting times were reviewed. It turned out that some of the casting ladles were losing their melting performance. Necessary replacements of the faulty ladles were done.

The same energy cost calculation and fault detection was done for the ladles at the second section. Where the molten metal is kept hot.


The measurement of the energy values in the production process makes it possible to come to a decent energy cost allocation. Another benefit is the possibility to find the machines with a bad performance

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