mpr-3 series network analyzers

MPR-3 Series Network Analyzers

10 December, 09:12

Compact Design

MPR-3 is the first analyzer that has 72x72mm compact design. MPR-3 has been specially developed for small panels where mounting space matters.

Total Harmonic Distortion

Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) can be measured for both current and voltage.

Wide LCD Screen

Instantenous monitoring is supported via wide LCD screen.

Digital I/O

MPR-3 series can detect  status of the working devices in the field and control them with its inputs and outputs.

Energy Management

Thanks to RS-485 communication feature, measured energy, power quality and electirical parameters can be monitored on energy management systems

Event Recording

Events like interruptions, time and settings changes, reset operations can be recorded in real-time thanks to its internal flash memory and RTC chip.

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