mpr-47se - easy connection via ethernet

MPR-47SE - Easy Connection via Ethernet

11 December, 11:12

The new MPR-47SE Network Analyzer offers direct communication without using a modem via “Ethernet” feature.

MPR-47S Genes

MPR-47SE series which has same superior features of MPR-47S series as;

  • 4-Quadrant measurement,
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) for current and voltage,
  • Individual harmonic measurement up to 51st,
  • Sag and Swell,
  • Measurement of Current/Voltage Unbalance,
  • Active energy measurement Class1 and Class 0,5,
  • 16mb internal memory for LOG and event records,
  • Digital, analog and relay input/output abilities with I/O modules,

carries the features of MPR-4 family one step further via 10/100 mbps Ethernet support.

Less Investment Cost, More Security

Thanks to Ethernet port, MPR-47SE series not only reduces the first investment costs, but also meets the digital security demands of companies via connecting to the local network directly.

Plug&Play with Enermedic and Enerthings

MPR-47SE series can directly connect to Enermedic and Enerthings without any additional configuration.

Click here for view MPR-47SE Network Analyzer.

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