Municipality Energy Solution

municipality energy solution


This municipality consists of 90 regions. The limited number of technical support personnel is traveling to regions with reactive power problems and trying to repair on the spot. This is a time-consuming operation. The municipality would like to have a correct and precise reactive power monitoring.


Considering the number of people involved and the time needed for repairs, the conclusion is that the current monitoring approach is ineffective. A big disadvantage of the current method is that a repair cannot be done immediately, because there is always travel time.


Integrate ENTES system with Power Factor Controllers. The system is available with software and is able to monitor from one central terminal.

Total system for this municipality: 90 pcs Power Factor Controller, 90 pcs Gateways and Monitoring Software


By using the Power Factor Controller and Monitoring Software, all the electrical parameters of different regions were monitored. As follow-up of the measurements the necessary configuration changes have been made. Additionally, faulty energy meters were determined by comparing the meter's values to the values that are stored in the controllers.


Thanks to all these measurements taken the power factor at the 90 regions came into control in an effective way and technical support personel became more efficient at responding to faults. With the project cost at €75.000 the payback period was 5 months.

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