new “a series'' current transformers

New “A Series'' Current Transformers

11 December, 10:12

The new “A Series” current transformers represent the quality of ENTES to the first point of measurement.

Wide Range

Wide primary current range from 5A to 5,000A with 16new A series current transformer models AB, A20MN, A30, A30MN, A40, A40MN, A60, A60T, A80, A80T, A100 and A100T.

Mini Types

A20MN, A30MN and A40MN current transformers are the best solution for small pannels which are convenience to 20x10, 30x10 and 40x10 busbar dimensions.

Busbar Types

AB series current transformers provide directly busbar mounting solutions from 15A to 150A primary current range with Class 0.5 measurment accuracy.

Thin Types

A60T, A80T and A100T series current transformers are thinner than standard series and provide easy of mounting with compact switches.

Alternative Nominal Powers

The new “A Series” current transformers have different versions regarding to alternative nominal powers and secondary current (X/1 and X/5)

High Accuracy

Almost all A Series current transformers support Class 0.5 measurement accuracy.

For more information about new A series current transformers, please click here.

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