star - delta relay by entes

Star - Delta Relay By ENTES

03 September, 16:09

SER-YU Star-Delta relay is high quality digital relay which is used for safe operation of star-delta starter systems.

Adjustable Transition Time

Transition time can be adjusted from 20ms to 500ms on SER-YU star delta relay.

Alternative Supply Voltages

Thanks to its 24VDC and 230VAC alternative supply voltages feature, SER-YU can be used with both AC and DC systems.

Adjustable Delay Time

SER-YU provide flexibility for delay time such that it can be adjusted between 1-60 seconds.

Double Contact Output

5A, 1250VA contact outputs can be used for system automations.

For more information about SER-YU star-delta relay, please click here.

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