Telecommunication Institution Energy Solution

telecommunication institution energy solution


The institution has the wish to measure the energy consumption values at regional switchboard buildings, to save those measured values on a computer and to monitor the reactive power control system from a remote computer


Installing Energy Analyzers that can communicate with a PC at the facility, monitoring the energy consumption of the production machines and saving the monitored values.

Total system

11 pcs Energy Analyzer

8 pcs Power Factor Controller

1 pc Gateways

Monitoring Software


Reactive power control panels at microwave relay stations and switchboards couldn't be serviced each month by the technical support personnel because the available manpower was not enough for the total service sites.

By using our Power Factor Controllers that can communicate with a PC, not only an effective reactive power control was achieved but all electrical parameters also started to be monitored and saved on a central terminal. As a result, operating costs decreased significantly!

Rapid response on problems was insured. If the network voltage at the headquarters dropped below 170 VAC, the system was set to give an alarm and thereby, rapid fault response was insured.

Since the monitored values of Energy Analyzers was stored on a central terminal, power outage times and their durations were identified easily. The customer complaints could now be evaluated easily by using the newly obtained power outage information.


By constantly monitoring the energy values, consumption amounts were calculated accurately and the facility made considerable energy savings by eliminating energy loss causes. Additionally, operating costs were significantly decreased by downsizing the technical support department.With the project cost at €10.000 the payback period was less than 2 months.

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