world of continuous data with enermedic v3.7.0

World of continuous data with Enermedic v3.7.0

11 December, 11:12

We have developed much in this version of Enermedic. In summary:

  • Our strongest technological feature so far! With superior ENTES hardware containing logs, data collection is now seamless. Even with weak connectivity, we sync all the logs from ENTES hardware, delivering a powerful historical data analysis experience. No losses, no missing data points!
  • Creating custom tariffs in energy management systems is such a headache. Because we know this, we have developed a lovely tool for tariff management. You can visualize dates and prices on a timeline, enjoying a novel tariff experience.
  • Consumption details is now displayed as a table. The data is also downloadable as Excel.
  • Offline ENTES hardware require a special kind of love. That's why we are delivering offline ENTES.NET app, so that you can remotely configure and live monitor your ENTES hardware even in offline environments.

Stay tuned. We have many more upcoming features!

New Enermedic Features

Discover Your Electricity

Superior ENTES hardware logging features pays off in the most powerful way possible. We are now able to deliver you periodic data visualizations. Since the data is gathered from hardware logs, the data is never lost. The measurements such as voltages, currents, powers, energies, THD and much more is presented historically with high resolution. In order to use this feature, ask for ENTES hardware with logs.

Create Your Own Tariffs

  • With Enermedic you can create your own tariffs using many different currencies. You can also update prices at specific dates to fully cover your original tariff pricing.
  • We are using these tariffs to calculate the energy spendings of your facilities.
  • Currently, you can use EUR, USD, Indian Rupees, TRY and Saudi Riyals as currencies.
  • If you change the assigned tariff of a facility, the previous spendings will be re-calculated. This powerful feature protects you against accidental price or date changes.
  • On the timeline we display 2 years of time. The tariffs can go back as far as 5 years and can be update in advanced for 1 years in the future. The timeline will help you to visualize the tariff pricing quite conveniently.

Energy Consumptions As Table

  • We are now displaying energy consumptions as a table for easier comparison between different dates.
  • You can also download what you see as an Excel table.

Much More Reliable PFC Field Operations

Critical settings on RGP and RGI series PFC relays cannot be changed from the field as long as the hardware is connected to Enermedic. You can only use remote configuration over Enermedic for such operations. This way, field operation is safe and reliable, preventing human error in the field.

Installation Health Check

  • Ethernet MPR-47SE and MPR 1-2-3-4 series analyzers with up-to-date firmware can check their installation health status. At the time of the commissioning, this feature is very powerful since Enermedic can check if the job is done correctly by the energy professional. We continuously report installation errors as well as the solution. The energy professional can now safely install the field hardware without further visits to the site. This feature is free-of-charge, bundled with all the supported ENTES hardware.
  • We care for the log health of your hardware. That's why we will set the logging period of MPR 1-2-3-4, RGA, RGP/RGI series hardware as 15 minutes immediately as they connect to ENTES.NET platform. This way, we can make sure the hardware can deliver proper logs to the system. Also we can check the health status of old logs.
  • We set the date and time of your hardware according to the facility in which they are installed.
  • You can click Diagnose to start health check even after the initial setup, checking the health status anytime when there are changes in the field.

Further Conveniences

  • Check if your hardware is communicating right now, without waiting for the next communication cycle by clicking Update Status option.
  • We now hide the upper category graph in the consumption details since the load graph was looking very small compared to the whole category. You can click the categories' graph for more details.

We understood that the facility report was hard to reach. That's why now you can click Quality > Facility Report option for quick access to this report.

Powerful Offline Features

Offline ENTES.NET Windows App

You may have heard our passion project as ENTBOX in the near past. We have completed this app, which is now called Offline ENTES.NET App. After you login to Enermedic, please click the Download option to get your app. Through the app, you can reach all your ENTES hardware via offline IP adresses. ENTES.NET app support live monitoring and remote configuration and it comes bundled with all modern ENTES hardware free-of-charge. You just need to get your Enermedic account for free.

Offline ENTES.NET allows you to:

  • Live monitor all your offline (connected to internal network, not to the internet) ENTES hardware
  • Remotely configure your offline ENTES hardware
  • You can also communicate with manually added (static IP) Enermedic hardware. However MY-GEM and MY-EMG modems will be inaccessible through the app since they only communicate with ENTES.NET cloud.
  • You cannot update the personal, organizational and facility details. The updates require connectivity to

Bug Fixes

  • Downloading the facility report as PDF was already available. Though only the visible part of the measurement data was exported to PDF. Now, all the selected measurements are exported as well as a long view to the PDF.
  • Some users reported viewing problems for the consumption part of the facility report, a problem now fixed.

Hardware Support

Enermedic supports the following hardware as of this version:

  • ENTES MPR47-SE family of ethernet network analyzers are now supported (also natively supporting installation health diagnosis feature for the first time)
  • Classical ENTES MPR-53 series analyzers are now supported.
  • Classical ENTES MPR-60 and MPR-63 series analyzers are now supported.

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