SSRC-04P (new)

ENTES SSRC-04P liquid level controller monitors and controls the level of conductive liquids in tanks that are located in industrial plants and domestic applications.

It detects the maximum level and minimum level of the liquid and controls the operation of pumps in two directions to keep liquid level into desired limits.

SSRC-04P is used in industrial applications such as wastewater and water treatment systems, and pump stations.

It is also used in hospitals, residential buildings, shopping malls, villas where water is pumped via water booster or pumped from a well.

Thanks to the SSRC-04P, motors are prevented from running without water and it extends lifetime of them.

Compared to other solutions, the socket mounting feature of SSRC-04P provides quicker and easier mounting without using a screwdriver.

Single Tank Level Control :
8 Pin Socket :
Large Liquid Level Electrode :
Small Liquid Level Electrode :
8 Pin Socket Mounting :
DIN2 Rail Mounting :
Contact Output : 1 C/O, 8A, 2000 VA
5 - 100 kΩ Adjustable :
5 - 50 kΩ Adjustable :
Pcs. / Carton : 20

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