With Enermedic, We Monitor Your Generator Requirement

Failure to determine the capacity of the generator correctly can cause unexpected labor loss, breakdown of machinery and equipment and high maintenance and repair costs.

27 November, 06:11

In addition to correctly determining the capacity of the generator at the beginning, it is also of prime importance to monitor the capacity requirement in the course of time. This is because changes that will increase the load (such as commissioning new machinery at your plant) can also increase the energy requirement that should be supplied via the generator, and cause the generator to fail to meet the power required.

If your generator fails to meet the required power, you may encounter problems such as breakdown of the generator due to overload, and it is possible to experience much bigger problems in your plant due to the decrease in the quality of the power generated.

For example, due to the instability in the current and voltage values, your machines may break down, production lines may cease to operate, electronic devices with high costs may be damaged or energy may not be provided to critical points that are of vital importance.

However, do not worry... If you have ENTES energy efficiency equipment and Enermedic, you will not experience unpleasant surprises.

Because ENTES equipment detects the activation of your generator and shares load requirements with the Enermedic. On the other hand, the Enermedic analyses all these data and compares them with the generator capacity used in the plant. If your generator power is insufficient, it informs both you and your ENTES solution partner.

While the most appropriate solution for your plant is being implemented by your ENTES solution partner without having to suffer from power failure and labour loss, you can enjoy this preventive maintenance service.

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